The dune system

O.Casnati_dune lacona_webThe habitats found in the dune system include very interesting species, due to the fact that they are highly specialized to deal with very specific conditions: high salinity, low water availability, high solar radiation, etc. Considering the whole of the Tuscan Archipelago, the majority of these habitats is found only on Lacona beach, in Elba; on the other hand, on Cala Giovanna beach, in Pianosa, only the pioneer habitat is found, which amounts to the first phase of colonization by higher vegetation in the building dynamics of coastal dunes. This system is subject to several threat factors, most of which are anthropogenic: an excessive and unchecked tourism load, inappropriate beach cleaning methods, and foot of the dunes eroded due to powerful storm surges and a strong presence of IAS plants such as hottentot figs and prickly pears, which alter the delicate balance of psammophilous species.

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